Most Recent Additions*


Tablet App for Child Cognitive Assessment in Low and Middle Income Countries
Patricia A. Francis-Lyon, Yasser Attiga, Rashmi Manjunath, Uma Ramasubramanian, Vaishali Chaudhuri, Tri Nguyen, and Xiangyi Xu


TRPV6 as a putative genomic susceptibility locus influencing racial disparities in cancer
Patricia A. Francis-Lyon, Fahreen Malik, Xiaoyun Cheng, and Alireza Ghezavati


The Fragrant Companions: A Play About Love Between Women
Yu Li, Stephen Roddy, and Ying Wang


Defining Excellence in Simulation Programs
Juli C. Maxworthy, Janice C. Palaganas, Chad A. Epps, Yasuharu Okuda, and Mary E. Mancini


University of San Francisco
Alan Ziajka and Robert Elias


Rethinking Peace
Robert Elias and Jennifer Turpin

*Updated as of 11/28/22.