About USF Scholarship Repository

The USF Scholarship Repository is an institutional repository service provided by the Gleeson Library | Geschke Center in collaboration with Dorraine Zief Law Library to digitally collect, preserve and provide worldwide electronic access to scholarly works and research output by the University of San Francisco community, such as journal articles, conference presentations, proceedings, working papers, theses and dissertations. The repository is also equipped with a professional-grade peer-review/editorial management system that provides professional digital journal publishing and conference events management services for the university community. All members of the University of San Francisco community are invited to contribute their scholarship and research outcome to the repository. You can log into the repository using your USFconnect login to directly deposit your works or ask the repository administrator (see contact information below) to deposit it for you.

On May 2, 2018, the University of San Francisco Faculty Association Policy Board moved to pass an open access policy so that faculty can deposit their work in the institutional repository hosted by the USF Gleeson Library | Geschke Center. (USFFA Policy Board minutes, May 2, 2018) The open access policy aligns with the University’s social justice mission “to create, communicate and apply knowledge to a world shared by all people and held in trust for future generations” (from the USF Vision, Mission and Values Statement) and follows the model implemented by Harvard, MIT, and the University of California system in bringing equitable access to research to all.

To set up a journal or conference/event in the repository, or for any questions regarding the repository, please contact:

Scholarship Repository
Gleeson Library
University of San Francisco
2130 Fulton Street
San Francisco, CA 94117-1080

Copyright and Licensing

The Scholarship Repository requests from its participants a non-exclusive worldwide license for electronic hosting and dissemination of the content through the Library, and does not claim copyrights over the works included herein. The full text of the submission agreement is available on our submission guides.

Retention and Removal

USF Scholarship Repository is intended to serve as a permanent repository and dissemination tool of the scholarly and creative work of University of San Francisco. Once deposited, the Work will remain in the repository unless the author(s) or the copyright holder(s) requests that it be removed. Works deposited in the repository may also be withdrawn due to breach of copyright or other intellectual property rights, or issues over privacy. A full bibliographic citation of the work will remain in the repository with a note regarding the removal. Requests for withdrawal should be sent to the Repository Administrator at repository@usfca.edu

Open Access Policy