Advancing the discourse on the experiences of historically marginalized students in alternative learning settings, this track delves into the intricate terrain through which Black girls in alternative education navigate their high-ability and gifted educational journeys within these distinctive learning environments. In this sphere, we advance the evolution of innovative theoretical and pedagogical paradigms in alternative education, transcending conventional boundaries and drawing from the diverse lived experiences of Black girls. In this regard, the conceptualization of the Black Girl Educology (BGE) framework embodies this ethos, fostering an environment conducive to inquiry and exploration of essential variables in alternative education. Our BGE framework prioritizes the ways of knowing and doing that empower Black girls to occupy a central role within established systems of learning. As previous scholars have uncovered how underrepresented students manifest their talents, a recurring theme emerges: their potential often remains concealed due to preconceived notions regarding perceived negative behaviors, aptitudes, and traits. BGE prompts the essentiality of scholarly explorations that have predominantly focused on traditional educational settings, neglecting the unique context of alternative education. The primary objective of this track is to elucidate the status of Black girls within alternative education and to leverage the strengths in BGE as a tool to delineate the pathways through which high-ability and gifted students navigate their journey into and through these distinctive learning environments. By shedding light on the experiences of these students, we aim to foster an environment that recognizes their talents and unlocks their full potential.



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