Mixtape Aims & Scope


Black Educology (BE) is a collective of Black folx working to amplify and empower the voices and experiences of Black peoples outside of, and beyond, the white gaze. Black Educology fuses Blackness, Education + Ecology to move beyond academic discourse and recognize the movers and shakers of emancipatory movements. We imagine this journal as a vehicle toward revolution. To that extent, this journal informs, confers, and collaborates with educational voices across the Black diaspora. Our scope and sequence focuses on the past, present, and future of Black education caught up in the toxic legacies of a western white education. As a place of public discourse, BE strives to create a home for intellectuals, activists, and artists who actively attempt to transgress the boundaries of academic discourse through their offerings. We ain’t afraid to be real, name and question the hegemonic practices that underpin the vast majority of what constitutes “knowledge” in the 21st Century. In these ways, BE embraces forms and mediums of expression seeking to re|articulate and re|envision how we connect to another and the Earth. We are interested in work that keeps a foot on the neck of these institutions and explores systemic oppression in ways that highlight the creativity, knowledge, joy, and wholeness of Black people within the realm of education. BE is part of a movement of many other orgs, journals, collectives striving for the same thing–the pursuit of a just and inclusive world that is more honest in how we think and move into the future.

just BE. BE just

WHO WE FOR FUBU 👀#IYKYK! And the rest of y’all too.

WHY WE DO WHAT WE DO AND WHY YOU MATTER BE seeks to cultivate a conversation among scholars, researchers, activists, educators, policy-makers, and practitioners of|with Black liberation and education. The producers (editors) welcome tracks (articles) in English and/or English translated that continue to resonate with the genealogy of Black struggle and liberatory education. Topics of particular interest include, but are not limited to, Afro-futurism; antiblackness; education across the diaspora; Black methodologies, social justice education; community-based empowerment efforts; decolonizing education; anti-oppressive education; critical pedagogy; Afro-pessimism, Black epistemologies; and fugitivity.

Who you and why you matter? Music reflects the times (Nina Simone, 1969) and our mixtape as it aims to do just that. The Black Educology Mixtape drops tracks that work to remix Blackness, Education, and Ecology to the tunes of theory that fuels our actions. We work to tap into the realities of our condition as a people that goes beyond temporal reach. Our mixtapes are a manifestation of what we, as Black people, experience put on wax.