“The 10th Amendment: The Preclusion of an Equal Education,” scrutinizes how the Tenth Amendment impacts the U.S. public education system. The study argues that the decentralized nature of education policy inadvertently perpetuates educational disparities, despite historical milestones like Brown v. Board of Education. The study actively explores systemic challenges, including uneven resource allocation, disciplinary practices, and culturally insensitive staffing. It contends that the Tenth Amendment's delegation of educational governance necessitates a fundamental constitutional shift to rectify these issues. Advocating for collective action, the study actively proposes a comprehensive reimagining of public education, emphasizing equity, representation, and resource allocation. The abstract actively serves as a standalone overview, providing readers with a concise understanding of the research objectives, methods, and key findings. The study actively concludes with actionable recommendations, emphasizing the urgency of addressing systemic issues to positively impact future generations.



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