Anti-Blackness is a pandemic that plagues societies across the world and across histories filled with the murder of Black lives, spirits, and dreams. Yet, throughout it all, Black folx have found strength and been leaders of resistance, radicalization, self-emancipation, and liberation. Black Magic is a collection of tracks that Powell has formed in relation to critical race theory and the ways in which Black folx have found solidarity, liberation, freedom, and healing in a world that seeks to destroy them. Utilizing short stories told through spoken-word poetry, Powell shares her experiences and the experiences of those who she has been blessed to be in community with. She endeavors to go beyond sharing about systems that prevent eradication of anti-Blackness, instead highlighting the ways in which Black folx are experiencing anti-Blackness and finding joy despite them. This collection of tracks seeks to name and draw to light that which we know through lived experience: the magic of Blackness.

Each track is named after a Black woman who is the living or lived personification of that story. A real life example of Black magic, specifically a real life example of Black Girl Magic.

Christin Washington (B.A., Amherst College, 2017) is a PhD student in the Department of American Studies at the University of Maryland, College Park, and a graduate research assistant with African American Digital and Experimental Humanities (AADHum) at UMD. Focusing on digitality’s place in Black and American life, she explores how digital technologies stretch and remodel the present limits of storytelling and memorialization, warp time, and shrink space. As a former Five College Digital Humanities scholar, she developed the beta for her born-digital undergraduate thesis, Dare to Remember: A Digital Memorial of Black Brooklyn. Her research with AADHum converges with her work in the Museum Scholarship and Material Culture program at UMD.



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