About Conexión Queer: Revista Latinoamericana y Caribeña de Teologías Queer

Conexión Queer is a peer-reviewed academic online journal which is published yearly. It welcomes contributions from both established and younger scholars working on the intersection of religion, gender, and sexuality. We welcome articles with a glocalized focus as well as contributions at the cutting edge of theoretical debates that would address particularities in different parts of the world, thus giving a voice to new experiences and analysis. We are intentionally interested in scholarly works from Latin America and the Caribbean as well as Asia, Oceania, and Africa, which would enrich and nurture both dialogue and collaboration with queer theologies on a global scale.

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Current Volume: Volume 1 (2018) La Economía de la Carne



La realidad de la carne: nuevos discursos teológicos y prácticas pastorales queer en el Sur Global
Hugo Córdova Quero, Jorge A. Aquino Ph.D., Gloria Careaga, André Sidnei Musskopf, and Saúl Serna Segura