Date of Graduation

Spring 5-21-2021

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Organization and Leadership (O&L)


School of Education

First Advisor

Seenae Chong


Pinays’ experiences are often excluded in history. Despite this exclusion and erasure, Filipinas are utilized around the world to provide labor and care. This study looks at the experiences of Pinays living in the San Francisco Bay Area working in community-based organizations. This study utilized a grounded theory approach to further understand Pinay identities and experiences and the ways they inform their leadership. Attempting to address the lack of research on Pinay leaders in community- based organizations, this study will build on current Pinay epistemologies to further understand Pinay leadership. This study asks three research questions: 1) How do Pinays define and construct their identity? 2) In what ways do these experiences inform their leadership philosophies? And 3) How is leadership enacted by Pinays? There were seven participants who all self-identified as Pinay, work in community-based organizations, and were willing and able to contribute to the research topic. Their experiences serve as the foundation for what Pinay leadership looks and acts like. Findings suggest that Pinays experiences are molded by their families, communities, and experiences in community-based organizations. After a thematic analysis of the data, this group of Pinays’ leadership focuses around collective care and love, sisterhood, and mentorship, taking and making space for others, breaking silence and stereotypes, and putting their leadership into action. The findings are further discussed and suggestions for further research are made.