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Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA)


A survey was sent to 243 nonprofit social service organizations in six Bay Area counties on August 6, 2002. There were 72.surveys completed and returned by the stop of data collection on September 30, 2002. This survey was distributed as part of a research study identifying the access and use of e-mail and the Internet by nonprofit social service organizations in the Bay Area. The study also investigated perceptions held by nonprofit organizational leaders regarding the usefulness and impact of technology on the social service field.

Survey results identified that proximity to the Silicon Valley increases the likelihood of IT use, however there are still many NPOs in the Bay Area not using e-mail. Survey data suggests that area NPOs need more adequate hardware to efficiently perform job tasks. Findings suggest that NPOs using e-mail and the Internet value technology and perceive it to be beneficial for the social service field. Findings also suggest that NPOs not currently using e-mail are not as aware of the impact or benefits nor are they aware of resources available to help NPOs access technology.