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The nonlocal real‐space Kubo approach to electron transport in magnetic multilayers is applied to a new geometry, ‘‘oblique transport,’’ whose complexity is traced back to a combination of the layering, of the nonlocal character of the linear response, and of the oblique direction transport in this new geometry. The problem is dealt with by applying a condition on the average current density vector or on the average electric‐field vector, depending upon the external driving conditions. Its solution exhibits a characteristic anisotropy and it yields the global oblique conductance and magnetoresistance as simple trigonometric expressions in terms of the in‐plane and vertical conductances and magnetoresistances, for arbitrary noncollinear‐magnetization configurations.


Article published in Journal of Applied Physics, 79, pp 6383-6385 (1996).

© 1996 American Institute of Physics.

DOI: 10.1063/1.362006

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