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Angela D. LeBlanc-Ernest focuses on the Modern Black Freedom Struggle. She is a graduate of Harvard University with a BA in Afro-American Studies and Stanford University with an MA in American History. The founding director of the Black Panther Party Research Project at Stanford, her work on the history of the Black Panther Party (BPP) includes the history of women, the impact of gender in the Party and the organization’s community Survival Programs. Currently, Angela is the director of The OCS Project LLC, and she is directing and producing a documentary about the BPP's Oakland Community School, one of their longest-lasting Survival Programs. She also is a co-founder of the Intersectional Black Panther Party History Project (IPHP).

Ericka Huggins is an activist, former political prisoner and leader in the Black Panther Party, educator and student. Ericka Huggins has devoted her life to the equitable treatment of all human beings—beyond the boundaries of race, age, culture, class, gender, sexual orientation, ability and status associated with citizenship. For the past 37 years she has lectured across the country and internationally on issues relating to the well-being of women, children & youth; restorative justice as the antidote to punitive justice; whole being education, and the role of spiritual practice in sustaining activism and promoting social change.


Welcome to the Women of the Black Panther Party Activity and Coloring Book. It is our pleasure to introduce you to this activity book both as co-contributors to the #SayHerName Women of the Black Panther Party Mural as well as collaborators united in our passion for education, children and preserving the history of the Black Panther Party and its Survival Programs.

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