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Eghosa Obaizamomwan-Hamilton is a first generation Nigerian American originally from Sacramento. She is co-founder of Making Us Matter, a Black woman-owned nonprofit educational organization. She is currently pursuing an Education doctorate with a concentration in Racial Justice at the University of San Francisco through the International & Multicultural Education department. She has over 14 years of experience as an educator and culturally-responsive curriculum creator. Her research is centered on the experiences of Black girl learners and she seeks collective liberation and visibility for those who have been left in the margins. eohamilton@dons.usfca.edu

T. Gertrude Jenkins is a 14-year educator, specializing in grades 9-12 Language Arts. Over the course of her career, she’s taught in Orlando, FL; Atlanta, GA; and Redwood City, CA. Jenkins is currently pursuing a doctorate at the University of San Francisco as part of the International & Multicultural Education program in the School of Education. Her research focuses on anti-Blackness in K-12 school systems both in the U.S and abroad. As a co-founder of Making Us Matter, an education activism non-profit, Jenkins works to provide an education space that is safe from White normativity and deficit-centered pedagogy. Her work is motivated by her desire to provide alternative options for schooling that are free of the many systemic messages of anti-Blackness that are constantly transmitted in our current school systems. tgjenkins@dons.usfca.edu

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