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Emma Fuentes is an Associate Professor and Chair of the International and Multicultural Education Department. She is deeply committed to the vision and mission of this department and the School of Education of humanizing education grounded in love, solidarity and justice. She teaches and writes in the areas of critical social theory, racial justice and equity in education, movement building praxes and grassroots organizing for school change. She has deep roots in the Bay Area and San Antonio, Texas and sees her work as building towards a more just future. ehfuentes@usfca.edu

Colette Cann recently joined an all Mother-Scholar of Color leadership team in the School of Education at the University of San Francisco as an Associate Dean and Professor in the International and Multicultural Education Department. She teaches and writes in the areas of critical race theory, praxis and methodology, intergroup dialogue, and adult racial literacy. This work has been published in journals such as Race, Ethnicity and Education, Whiteness and Education, Urban Education, and Journal of Peace Education. Colette earned her BA from Stanford University and completed both her MA and PhD at the Graduate School of Education at U.C. Berkeley. Her upcoming collaborative book project explores pedagogical practices to support the emergent racial consciousness of adult learners. cncann@usfca.edu


In this article, the authors share the inspiration for and development of a new concentration in a doctoral program at the University of San Francisco. The concentration, Racial Justice and Education, is grounded in four pillars of knowledge, love, solidarity and justice. The concentration allows doctoral students to study critical race theory and critical Whiteness studies. In addition, students take two ethnic studies courses that focus on the educational experiences of different racial and ethnic groups, as well as relational histories and shared solidarities across groups. During multiple pandemics that disparately harm Black communities (including state-sanctioned violence against Black communities and health and environmental pandemics), the launch of this new concentration is timely.

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