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Brandie Bowen is an organizer for education equity, community-based educator & artist, and a Master’s student in USF’s Human Rights Education program. She currently serves as Lead Organizer at Coleman Advocates where she started an early organizing and political education program for elementary and middle school students called Children Making a Change. Brandie is a proud Auntie who dedicates her work to the liberation of Black and Brown children, to her community, and to her ancestors whose shoulders she stands on. bmbowen@dons.usfca.edu

Ellen Sebastian Chang, Creative Director and Arts Educator, is a long-time Oakland resident and recent Portland, Oregon transplant. Ellen is co-director, writer and co-collaborator for Housefull of Blackwomen. She has directed and collaborated with some of the best artists in the Bay and beyond in opera, dance, theater, spoken word and performance art. She was the co-owner/General Manager of FuseBox West Oakland from 2011-2017 and the creative director and arts educator for The World as It Could Be Human Rights Education Project from 2006-2020. elschang@sbcglobal.net

Yvette Phillips Aldama is a Cultural Keeper, Cultural Practitioner, Cultural Bearer, Earth Shaker & Ice Cream Maker. She is initiated and trained into the mysteries of Chango in the Afro-Cuban religious tradition, Lucumi. Her lifework is centered on the wellbeing of Black women and girls in Oakland, organizing around such issues as reproductive health and justice, self-help groups and commercially sexually exploited children (CSEC). She is a co-spiritual advisor and co-leader of Processions and Rituals for House/Full of Black Women: a site-specific ritual performance project located in Oakland, CA. She is a 2017-2018 Isadora Duncan Dance Awards co-winner for Visual Set Design: House/Full of Black Women: Episode 12; passing /through/the great middle. Yvette.aldama@gmail.com

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