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Summer 8-17-2015

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Project/Capstone - Global access

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Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions

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Dr Elena Capella


Improving Nurse-patient Communication about New Medicines


The project aimed at improving nursing communication with patients and families about medication in order to increase patient satisfaction in terms of safety, quality of care, and patient-centeredness in an acute care setting. The selected patient cohort was at a 42-bed medical-surgical unit in a trauma center in Oakland, California. The gap of nurse-patent communication about medicines was identified based on the HCAHPs scores that had been found to be lower than average (44.1% in March 2015; 40.9% in April 2015). The visibility board was provided to show the staff the HCAHPS scores, the pre-survey scores, the information about the teach-back method, and how the “ask3/teach3” approach would be implemented during medication administration with the easy access to the information of the medicines through the EHR during the medication administration. The compared results of 40 surveys from the pre-intervention and post-intervention revealed the increased number of the patients who knew the names of new medicines they had been taking from 25% to 75%, knew the purposes from 50% to 90%, and knew the side effects from 15% to 50%. The teaching materials and strategies included the flyers about the ask3/teach3 methods, the sheets of common side effects of medications list, the communication board on the medicine section, and the role-play on ask3/teach3 intervention. Based on the project, to ensure the effectiveness of the engagement in medication communication process, it is recommended that sustained efforts in collecting data and evaluating the effectiveness of the intervention be encouraged as an ongoing process with staff collaboration.

Srimala Thinsan, RN, BA, BSN, M.Ed., MSN

University of San Francisco, Summer 2015

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Performance Project; Improving Nurse-patient Communication about New Medicines

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