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Degree Name

Master of Science in Nursing (MSN)


School of Nursing and Health Professions


MSN project

First Advisor

Carla S. Martin, MSN, RN, CIC, CNL, NEA-BC, FACHE

Second Advisor

Susan Mortell, DNP, RN, CNL


Increasing Colorectal Cancer Screening Rates in the Psychiatric Inpatient Unit


Problem: Colorectal cancer is one of the leading cancer deaths in the United States. The Psychiatric Inpatient Unit has a colorectal cancer screening compliance rate of 40% compared to the statewide average of 80%.

Context: The Psychiatric Inpatient Unit is a 58-bed inpatient intermediate care facility mental health program in Northern California. Upon review of the EMR, most PIU nurses give verbal instructions and patient education on colorectal cancer screenings when due. Still, no printed handout was provided to the patients upon review of the EMR.

Intervention: Review of CRC screening orders, PCP reminders, and patient reminders with printed handouts make up the interventions for this project.

Measure: The outcome measure is the percentage of eligible PIU patients that completed colorectal cancer screening post-intervention through chart review and analysis of the dashboard. The process measure is PIU nurses ensure colorectal cancer screening for eligible patients has been ordered by the primary care physician. The balancing measure is the percentage of patient refusals.

Results: Out of the six patients who were provided with CRC screening educational printed handouts, 50% responded positively to the interventions and completed their CRC screening on the same day or the following day of patient education.

Conclusion: The interventions helped increase the compliance rate from 40% to 50% in two months. The goal is to reach a 75% compliance rate by November 2022. Therefore, more time is needed to implement this quality improvement project.