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STADIUM-STYLE MOVIE theaters have revolutionized the movie-going experience. Cushioned rocker seats with high seatbacks that recline, cup holder armrests, ample legroom, and marvelous lines of sight: the simple innovation of putting each row of seats on its own tier has made stadium-style theaters the most comfortable way to view a movie outside of one's own home. American Multi-Cinema Entertainment Inc. ("AMC"), the first group to establish stadium-style seating in its theaters, has described such stadium seating in its publicity materials as "'virtually suspend[ing] the moviegoer in front of [a] wall-to-wall screen.' " The audience is thus "'totally enveloped"' in the film "'because of the enhanced sight and sound presentation"' and unobstructed views of the screen. This design guarantees that "'all seats"' are the "'best in the house' "-that is, unless you are a wheelchair user.