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Spring 2020


A project of the students in the course "Buddhist Paths in Asia and North America", this wonderfully insightful collection of course papers combines research into San Francisco's urban problems with perspectives from Buddhist Studies.

The class was divided into twelve writing teams who then chose topics from a grid of ideas, firstcome- first-served. If one looks at the topics in this essay coming from Buddhist studies, you'll quickly see they are fairly fundamental and are found in almost any introductory course. What makes them special and relevant to our moment is in their creative application to the social problems and issues of San Francisco. It is our heartfelt hope that you, the reader, can understand some of the significant challenges facing the city of San Francisco, which will exist long after the Corona virus is subdued. The opportunities provided by ideas and practices from Buddhist studies serve as practical applications of both historical and recent understandings about the many types of Buddhisms in the world today.