Date of Graduation

Fall 2014

Document Type

Restricted Thesis - USF access only

Degree Name

Master of Fine Arts in Writing (MFAW)


College of Arts and Sciences


Creative Writing

First Advisor

Lori Ostlund


One Wednesday Morning is a collection of thirteen stories set in both the United States and England. Due to these transatlantic settings, certain disparities in language (between standard US and UK English) appear throughout the collection. The stories themselves focus primarily on isolated, at times outwardly mundane, moments in which the character conflicts are often internal, their climaxes quietly significant. Tensions are built through a juxtaposition of characters’ complex individual personal histories and/or insecurities and simple present action. Of the thirteen stories in this collection, only three move forward in time beyond the day on which the narrative is initiated. The rest focus on short periods in which characters act in ways that are not necessarily out of step with their established personalities. Familial, romantic, and estranged relationships are considered—each story follows a single protagonist whose truths are revealed by context and interaction, but rarely in isolation from other characters or through straightforward exposition.


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