Date of Graduation

Spring 2-2-2012

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies (MAIS)


International Studies

First Advisor

Susana Kaiser


The Shining Path along with Alberto Fujimori's presidency in Peru (encompassing the years 1980-2000) created a terrifying chaos that was wound up in both state and insurgent terrorism, corruption, and massacres. While this chaos is inextricably linked to Peru's history, I fear is being all too quickly forgotten. My main motivation behind this research has been to take a step towards increasing awareness of these events and the many reasons behind them: the agenic nature of some versus the lack of it in others, structures developed by colonialism, and most terrifyingly of all - willful ignorance. By understanding these reasons, the hope is that society can learn to act instead of remaining ignorant to the signs of impending conflict .