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Master of Nonprofit Administration (MNA)


This study was conducted to explore the issues surrounding government funding of faithbased nonprofit organizations. The main question addressed was what, if any, are the positives and negatives for a religious nonprofit faith-based organization accepting government funding. This study examined the Salvation Army, a faith-based 50l(c)(3) charitable organization with a long history of accepting government funding for its social service programs. Seven Salvation Army administrators were interviewed to determine whether government funding for this organization's social services had any impact on the organization in four specific areas:

1. Finances

2. Staffing

3. Administrative reporting

4. Mission

Three noteworthy issues were illuminated by this study. First, the majority of respondents reported an overall positive response to their interactions with government grant makers despite the problems they identified that related to finances and staffing. Second, the greatest impact was in the area of administrative reporting, especially as it related to staff time. Third, and most surprising was the unexpected finding that administrators were exercising significant control over the grant process. Because this study was limited in size and scope, it is highly recommended that further research be done that would enlarge the body of information.