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Spring 5-17-2018

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School of Nursing and Health Professions

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Scout Hebinck


This research explores solutions for individualizing and improving care for pediatric patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder in the Perioperative Setting of an Outpatient Surgery Center. Specifically, it seeks to determine if providing parent and staff resources on Autism Spectrum Disorder is significantly helpful in increasing confidence in the staff by the parents and the staff themselves. Participants included thirty-five surveyed families who had pediatric patients visiting perioperative services and staff who work on the unit. Methods used include information dissemination with the use of printable and online evidence-based resources, an in-person education event for staff, and a pilot study of a parent questionnaire. Data collection showed that 72.7% of families thought that staff was better prepared to care for their child due to the piloted parent questionnaire. Additionally, of the staff that provided feedback after the in-service ASD education event, the majority indicated that their confidence in preparedness in caring for children with behavioral diagnoses was improved. Overall, this paper shows that an increase in staff and family confidence in staff’s ability to care for patients with Autism Spectrum Disorder did improve after project implementation.