The Challenges of Urban Education

Sokha Bunly


This paper will attempt to address the challenges faced in urban education. By analyzing issues such as demographics, racism, new racism, equality, equity, privatization and gentrification I hope to open further discourse on longstanding false pedagogy concerning urban education. I aim to scrutinize the underlying problems of urban schools and the perspectives held by the general public.

When people think of urban areas and urban education they conjure up an image of poor schools in violent neighborhoods. It is true that many urban schools are in fierce areas where crime is prevalent, however, we must look beyond this and see other urban schools such as Emerson Elementary an affluent school in the urban city of Long Beach, Ca. This school meets or exceeds all standards and is centered in an urban area.

I believe that once people see the challenges urban areas face, they can begin to understand the true causes of urban poverty, teacher attrition rates and health concerns. I hope that this paper will bring these issues to light.