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A study examined school counselors' experiences with and perceptions of Asian-American students. Participants were 154 school counselors in 113 East Coast schools. Results suggested that Asian-American students tended to seek help for academic, family, social, and cultural concerns. Results showed that counselors tended to address these concerns by using Rogerian therapy techniques, directive counseling, and group counseling; involving family and social networks; being aware of pertinent social issues; and employing creative arts activities. Counselors seemed to encounter challenges to counseling that were integrally related to Asian-American cultural contradictions with current counseling models. Counselors reported student coping strategies that involved seeking social support, internalizing or avoiding problems, and acting out more often than seeing a counselor. Further results and implications of the results are presented.


Article published in Professional School Counseling June 2001, Vol. 4 Issue 5, p349-356, 8p.

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