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A study explored the role of prior academic training in multicultural counseling and school counselors' self-construals in predicting self-reported multicultural counseling competence. Surveys were completed by 156 school counselors from the greater New York City metropolitan area who attended a local school counseling conference. The results of the study indicated that self-reported multicultural counseling competence in female school counselors was significantly predicted by the number of previous multicultural counseling courses they had taken. It was also found that male school counselors reported significantly higher interdependent self-construals than their female peers and that higher independent self-construal scores were significantly predictive of self-reported multicultural counseling competence in female school counselors. The importance of having multicultural counseling courses represented in school counseling curricula is underscored by these findings.


Article published in Professional School Counseling, February 2001, Vol. 4 Issue 3, p202, 6p.

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