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Summer 8-9-2019


Falls in elderly are one of the major health concerns in the US. They comprise up to 80% of the key risk factors for injuries in the elderly in the US (Spears, Roth, Miake-Lye, Saliba, Shekelle, & Ganz, 2013). The project aims at reduction of falls among the elderly participants in On Lok program. Based on the findings of the literature review and observations conducted, the proposed intervention to address the practice gap will involve emphasizing the need for carrying the mobility devices, such as canes or walkers, along with clearing the participants’ home environment from hazards. The anticipated measure of the project success comprises of the outcomes, namely, the reduced number of falls which caused by the participants not using their mobility devices and environmental hazards at home from three to two per month based on the implemented intervention. The results of the project will be evaluated with regard to the usefulness and success of the intervention to addressing the problem and the conclusions will be drawn whether the strategy is likely to lead to healthcare service improvement for elderly population, as expected by the project goals.