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We present here an initial RCV analysis of the 2011 San Francisco Sheriff, District Attorney, and Mayor race. For each race, we examine the first choice by second choice voting patterns, the frequency of slates, and the number of times a candidate is on a ballot, which is useful measure of candidate performance. We also show maps for each race's winner, with a few ethnic and Progressive Voter Index (PVI) correlations when noteworthy.

For the first time, we are also able to present cross-contest analyses at the individual voter level. The city’s ballot images maintain consistent voter identification numbers. This facilitates associations across contests, so shown here are first choice crosstabs for each of the major races with some political and bullet-voting analyses.

This paper focuses primarily on political outcomes rather than indicators of voters’ facility with ranked choice voting. The McCarthy Center will present research in early 2012 looking at RCV trends at a highly detailed level.