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This report compiles student insight of particular Open Educational Resources (OER) incorporated into a Rhetoric and Language (R&L) course pilot. Using OER textbooks not only reduced costs for students, but also encouraged students to take ownership in the text assessment process. The views expressed by students through reading reflections, class discussions, and survey feedback created ample information for deciding whether particular texts or readings were a good fit for the course moving forward. While the final decisions around whether to include these texts in future courses, or in a textbook designed specifically for this upper division course, remain to be made, the opportunity to include students in the decision making process was essential, especially as the course pilot extends into a second round and ultimate development of a culminating course in the Rhetoric and Language core curriculum sequence. These findings will be shared with the Department of Rhetoric and Language as well as appearing in this report.


This report summarizes work funded by a 2019 Gleeson Library OER Faculty Grant.