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Many strategic plans start from a top-down approach, with a committee or key group of stakeholders making decisions affecting the entire organization. While the process of developing and implementing a comprehensive strategic plan requires significant tactical work, it can also foster a more inclusive, staff-centered organization. The Gleeson Library | Geschke Learning Resource Center at the University of San Francisco has just completed its first library-wide strategic plan. In alignment with our values and mission, we intentionally chose a more democratic, grass-roots process designed to build consensus and foster inclusivity by engaging and empowering staff across all departments.

In this forum, we’ll discuss how we built a collaborative, library-wide process that engaged everyone in brainstorming, crafting, prioritizing and executing on the final strategic plan. While our presentation will discuss key tactical strategic planning steps we took that worked (and some that did not), our goal for this panel presentation is not to emphasize the nuts and bolts of strategic planning, but rather the community-building potential. Attendees will come away from this panel with concrete, actionable steps they can take in building their own strategic initiatives based on USF’s success in creating an inclusive model that solicited and implemented feedback from all library staff.