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Jason Seals is an African-centered educator, carrying the tradition of activist-intellectual to address critical systemic issues and empower individuals for personal and social transformation. An Oakland native, Jason has over two decades of experience serving his community locally, nationally, and globally as an educator, thought leader, and change agent. Passionate about transformative educational methods and Africana studies, Jason has taught Ethnic Studies and manhood development courses in various high schools, colleges, and universities in the Bay Area. He is Chair of Ethnic Studies and Professor of African American Studies at Merritt College in Oakland, California; Jason is also a doctoral student in International and Multicultural Education at the University of San Francisco. jasoneseals@gmail.com


This article analyzes the Know Your Rights Camp’s “Speaking Out Against the Violence of Policing and Oppression: A Political Education Curriculum” from the campaign founded by Colin Kaepernick. The article evaluates the curriculum with a multifaceted perspective, specifically, the approach to inform learners about their foundational rights and lessons to politicize and empower them for social change through human rights education. A significant portion of this assessment is dedicated to examining the curriculum's inclusivity, ensuring the educational content is accessible. The analysis explores the curriculum's role in promoting learner agency and resistance, crucial for empowering students to navigate and challenge systemic inequities. This article contributes to the broader discourse on the importance of politically engaged educational practices, human rights awareness, and em-powering Black and Brown learners in the fight against systemic oppression.

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