Jacques Maritain's Philosophy of Action

Jacques Maritain's Philosophy of Action



Maritain's social and political writings were impressively influential in Europe and North and South America. He also compiled an impressive record as an activist by speaking out against injustice. My goal in this book is to show the connection between Maritain's philosophical commitment and his commitment to social activism. There can be no doubt that he took his calling as a philosopher seriously. He gave pride of place to the study of speculative philosophy and to contemplation, insisting that the search for truth and goodness in themselves transcends utility and, in so doing, reminds society of the supreme importance of what are not means to ends but ends in themselves, things worth aspiring to just for themselves: "What we need is not truths that serve us but a truth that we may serve." Even so, Maritain is just as insistent that the call to eternal verities must not blind the philosopher to the reality that he is a member of society with social duties that his calling imposes on him. He has no claim to life in an ivory tower



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Jacques Maritain's Philosophy of Action

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