IS 2010: Curriculum Guidelines for Undergraduate Degree Programs in Information Systems

Heikki Topi, Bentley College
Joseph S. Valacich, Washington State University
Ryan T. Wright, University of San Francisco
Kate M. Kaiser, Marquette University
Jay F. Nunamaker Jr., University of Arizona
Janice C. Sipior, Villanova University
Gert-Jan de Vreede, University of Nebraska at Omaha

Article published in Communications of the Association for Information Systems Volume 26, Article 18, pp. 359-428, April 2010


IS 2010 is the latest in a series of model curricula for undergraduate degrees in Information Systems. It builds on the foundation formed by this earlier work, but it is a major revision of the curriculum and incorporates several significant new characteristics. IS 2010 is the third collaborative effort by ACM and AIS. Both organizations have worldwide membership, and, therefore, IS 2010 includes elements that make it more universally adaptable than its predecessors. IS 2010 is not directly linked to a degree structure in any specific environment but it provides guidance regarding the core content of the curriculum that should be present everywhere and suggestions regarding possible electives and career tracks based on those.