Date of Submission

Spring 2-5-2024

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Dr Juli Maxworthy


Air Force nurses must be prepared for deployment to support military missions on short notice. During deployments, they may be asked to practice in demanding and austere wartime environments. The required competencies for deployment include the care of multi-trauma patients, military vehicles and aircraft, mass casualty care, and military-specific skills. Many Air Force nurses work in low acuity roles and do not maintain the clinical competency and skills necessary if called upon to deploy. A deployment notification may happen with little notification, limiting the opportunity for a quick “ramp-up” of critical skills. Maintaining deployment and clinical readiness is an ongoing challenge. The literature supports military-civilian training collaborations as beneficial in allowing familiarization with treating the types of injuries they may encounter during deployment. Does the current nursing training regime prepare military nurses for deployment?