Date of Submission

Fall 12-12-2019

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Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



First Advisor

Dr. Robin Buccheri

Second Advisor

Dr. Juli Maxworthy


There is a 42% prevalence of diabetes among Jamaicans (Ministry of Health, Jamaica Health and Lifestyle Survey, 2018). The survey found that Jamaicans will continue to face challenges of diabetes and its complication as approximately four out of ten Jamaicans are unaware that they have diabetes, and thus delay receiving healthcare.

Limited health literacy is predominant among the diabetic Jamaican population and negatively affects health outcomes (Singh & Aiken, 2017). Jamaicans were found to have poor knowledge of diabetes; in particular, they had difficulty identifying clinical signs of hyper/hypoglycemia, the importance of examining eyes and feet for abnormalities, normal fasting blood glucose levels, and complications of diabetes (Hartzler, Chen, Murphy & Rodewald, 2014).

A literature review was conducted to identify research studies and systematic reviews that evaluated the effectiveness of patient-centered diabetic education that uses shared decision-making and cultural humility in improving health literacy, with Jamaicans with T2DM. The results of this review are critically appraised and summarized.

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