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Spring 1-26-2018

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Marjorie Barter, EdD, RN

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Marty Otañez, PhD


Middle school students have been identified as the prime age group to begin nursing recruitment efforts (Matutina, Newman & Jenkins, 2010); however, the current practice of recruiting middle school, male students is ineffective in increasing the number of new nurses. Efforts are required to encourage young, male students to consider nursing as a potential career choice, but this can’t be accomplished without influencing their decision, by sharing the value of the profession. The purpose of this project was to develop and present a PowerPoint presentation to influence middle school, male students to improve their perceptions of nursing as a career option. A comprehensive recruitment toolkit, composed of the PowerPoint and a link to a recruitment video, was developed for students, families, and counselors. To help inform the video that was developed in 2009, a survey of Deans and Directors from nursing schools across California, helped to determine the value of the recruitment video on influencing young men. Critical to the video evaluation was analyzing the video’s comments, which were shared openly on YouTube. The impact that YouTube has on education and training in the classroom was explored, as well as examining two theoretical frameworks that help explain behavioral change and career maturity. A total of 193 students, of which 85 were male (44%), attended a 30-minute presentation at two middle schools, during four sessions. Overall, implementation of this quality improvement project resulted in favorable reception from both students and teachers. Post presentation surveys demonstrated 17.6 % (n = 14) of the male students would reconsider nursing as a career option, while 34.2% (n = 25) expressed interest in learning more about the profession. These results suggest that increasing awareness of male middle school students regarding nursing may influence their decision to consider nursing as a career choice.


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