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Fall 11-29-2018

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First Advisor

Dr. Juli Maxworthy

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Dr. Elena Capella



In preparation for this DNP project and, in reviewing research and evidence-based practices it was found that there are limited research study articles available specifically focusing on caring science educational programs utilized as an intervention to inform and impact the nurses caring behaviors while caring for patients within a heath care environment. There are multiple survey tools directed at the patient which assess the caring behaviors based on the patient’s perception however, there are limited tools that examine the nurse’s perception of their caring behaviors and their personal professional practice as it relates to caring science or relationship-based care and the change in clinical practice post intervention. This, along with the organizations continued commitment to advancing the art and science of the nursing staff through deepening their understanding of the theory of human caring, engaging their hearts and minds, deepening their understanding of the theory as the foundation for all professional nursing practices within the organization. This has led to the co-creation and delivery of a standardized Caring Science/Heart Science education program within an organization that has adopted Dr. Jean Watson’s theory of Human Caring in 2010. The purpose of this article was to better understand the impact of the co-creation of the Caring Science/Heart Science standardized educational series in a large multi-site organization and the impact on the nurses’ perception of their caring behaviors moving them from being to becoming in their personal nursing practices and, patient’s perception of being “treated with loving kindness” following implementation of the standardized education program.

Keywords: nurse, caring theory, education, caring attributes, patient, perception.

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