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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)



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Karen van Leuven


Provision of comprehensive health services to children and adolescents is a central role for school nurses. Children with chronic health conditions are at the intersection of the health and education systems. Recently, educators, neurology care providers (MD/NP/PA) have initiated discussions about the impact of a child’s health on their ability to learn. The purpose of this project was to develop a child neurology curriculum for school nurses. A needs assessment survey was distributed. The survey results revealed a need for further education and training in child neurology diagnoses. Four areas were chosen for curriculum development:seizures/ epilepsy, headaches/migraines, tics, and post-concussion management. The Healthy Learner Model (HLM) and Child Neurology Process-Oriented Triage (ChiNePOT) are the conceptual frameworks used in this curriculum. Associated findings include the need of school nurses for pertinent evidence-based research to guide their practice, which will ultimately lead to a healthier learner.