Date of Graduation

Spring 5-22-2015

Document Type


Degree Name

Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


School of Nursing and Health Professions



First Advisor

Dr. Robin Buccheri

Second Advisor

Dr. Jo Loomis

Third Advisor

Dr. Alexa Curtis


This evidence-based change of practice project involved the development of an educational workshop for primary care providers (PCPs). The intent of the project was to improve PCP’s knowledge of menopausal health, and to create their comfort level when discussing menopausal healthcare with clients. The workshop Menopausal Women’s Healthcare Needs for the Primary Care Provider (Doerr-Kashani, 2014) was created in response to an identified gap in knowledge among PCPs nationally on menopause-related health issues. The workshop was designed as a resource to support PCPs to competently address women’s menopause-related health issues, and enable them to provide comprehensive, evidence-based care within the existing clinic setting. The curriculum of this workshop included: a) PowerPoint presentation, b) printed current, evidence-based practice guidelines for menopausal-related conditions, and c) a CD with further evidentiary information. The companion Toolkit (Doerr-Kashani, 2014) provided templates for patient education designed to inform the patient, identify patient’s questions to focus the visit, facilitate patient-provider communication and joint treatment decision-making. Two pilot workshops were delivered at Lifelong Brookside Clinic as a test of change. Outcome measures were pre and post-tests that assessed knowledge of menopause health care and comfort level discussing menopause. Change was measured by comparing pre and post tests for each attendee and revealed both improved PCP knowledge and comfort level. The Clinic Director subsequently decided to adopt the Toolkit for use at the clinic

Key words: menopause healthcare needs, primary care provider education and menopause, patient engagement in healthcare, patient education and menopause.