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Spring 5-18-2023

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Executive Leader DNP

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Dr. MaryLynne Knighten

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Dr. Elena Capella


Background: Nurse manager knowledge and leadership styles influence quality of care, patient satisfaction, staff engagement, and retention. Dissatisfaction with the assistant nurse manager (ANM) role can lead to high job turnover with negative influences on patient satisfaction, quality of care, workforce engagement, and achievement of organizational goals.

Local Problem: Two hospitals and one free-standing ambulatory surgery unit of a large integrated healthcare organization experienced high ANM turnover due to role dissatisfaction, ANM frustration with low-quality care in the units they oversaw, and patient satisfaction metrics below the 65th percentile. The regional healthcare system leadership team recognized the need to increase ANM knowledge, competency, and job satisfaction, with the goals of improving role resilience and reducing high turnover.

Methods: Quantitative data was collected in pre- and post-intervention surveys constructed from the AONL Nurse Manager Competencies tool and the Acute Care Nurse Job Satisfaction Scale. Qualitative data was collected with open-ended questions in post-intervention surveys.

Interventions: A 16-hour education and 2-hour mentorship program for ANMs drew on the AONL Nurse Manager Learning Domain Framework to enhance knowledge, competency, and job satisfaction.

Results: Knowledge improved from baseline by 11.2% and competency by 9.65%. Job satisfaction decreased from baseline by 3.1%.

Conclusions: Although the specific aim of 15% improvement in knowledge, competency, and job satisfaction was not met, formal education and mentoring improved ANM knowledge and competency. Through mentoring, the ANMs embraced the 10 Caritas Processes® and developed innovative ideas to incorporate these factors for compassionate patient care.

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