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Fall 12-11-2020

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Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)


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Family Nurse Practitioner

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Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management During Pregnancy


According to the Scope of Practice, Standards of Practice, and the Standards of Professional Performance for Diabetes Educators, registered nurses play an integral role in the promotion of diabetes self-management education and training in diabetes care (AADE, 2017). This paper upholds the standards set forth by the American Association of Diabetes Educators (2017) governing body, to stimulate the process of peer review, promote documentation of the outcomes of diabetes self-management education and training (DSME/T), encourage research to validate practice and improve quality DSME/T and diabetes care for pregnant women who use continuous glucose monitoring. To improve registered nurse education and diabetes practice, the Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management During Pregnancy Program was presented to the management and leadership of a high-risk subspecialty unit of a major Northern California healthcare maintenance organization. The implementation unit provided the staff, resources, and interest needed to support the project. The information provided in this paper discuss the needs assessment that was conducted as a basis for implementation of the pilot project. The SWOT analysis and Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) are project management tools that were utilized as part of the proposed Continuous Glucose Monitoring and Diabetes Management During Pregnancy Program Doctor of Nursing project. The SWOT analysis provides details about barriers to the project, support for the need, and objectives enacted to overcome obstacles, and elicited sponsor, provider, and team member support. The WBS was used as a communication tool to inform, update, and review progress to ensure the project was completed on time and within budget. The budget forecasted the need of approximately $3,000.00 to successfully implement the project. The outcome measurement tool used to determine the success of the project was qualitative data received from the registered nurses upon completion of the CGM device training modules. Qualitative data was gathered from the registered nurses using Qualtrics pre- and post-education and training. The secondary outcome measurement tools were the latest lab result HgbA1c of <7.0 mg/dl and a reduction of hypoglycemic episodes during pregnancy.

CGM During Pregnancy Module 1.mp4 (9137 kB)
CGM Training Module 1

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CGM Training Module 2

CGM During Pregnancy Module 3.mp4 (7144 kB)
CGM Training Module 3

CGM During Pregnancy Module 4.mp4 (21131 kB)
CGM Training Module 4