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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


Leadership Studies


Catholic Educational Leadership EdD

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Gini Shimabukuro

Second Advisor

Christopher Thomas

Third Advisor

Ralph Metts S.J.


This mixed methods study invited principals (n=5) and first-year teachers (n=25) in five Jesuit secondary schools in the California Province to participate. Online surveys and follow-up online interviews were designed to assess the degree to which the schools met 11 standards that constituted the conceptual framework for the study: (a)Program vision, goals, and institutional commitment, (b)Formation of the Ignatian educator, (c)Program administration and communication, (d)Principal engagement, (e)Program assessment, evaluation, and accountability, (f)Assessing first-year teacher practice, (g)First-year teacher professional development and learning communities, (h)Mentor role and responsibilities, selection, assignment, and assessment, (i)Mentor professional development and learning communities, (j)Focus on instructional practice, and (k)Focus on equity and universal access. Ten of the 11 standards were adapted with permission from the New Teacher Center's (2011)Induction Program Standards. The second standard regarding Ignatian formation was adapted from the Jesuit Secondary Education Association's (2011)Profile of an Ignatian Educator.

Overall, the study revealed that all five schools developed and implemented some form of an induction program for their first-year teachers during the 2012-2013 academic year. The perception data indicated that all five schools demonstrated a strong commitment to (b)Formation of the Ignatian educator. In contrast, the respondents reported the most need for growth in (e)Program assessment, evaluation, and accountability. The respondents showed modest support for the remaining nine standards, indicating the potential for improvement. For example, first-year teachers reported the need for the presence of mentor teachers who play a supportive role throughout the academic year. The results of this study invite administrators in Jesuit secondary schools to develop and implement robust first-year teacher induction programs.