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International & Multicultural Education EdD

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David Donahue

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Colette Cann

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Darrick Smith


BIPOC students attending a community college in the Bay Area bring traumas to school with them and then they relive their traumas in the classroom through professors’ pedagogy and the curriculum. This dissertation which was conducted during twin pandemics of COVID 19 and racism, researched a group of English professors that teach first generation community college students in their second year and above to understand what they know about trauma and their students and how they begin to conceive efforts to develop trauma-informed pedagogy. Data were collected using a focus group and individual interviews. The focus group created an environment for the professors to discuss among each other how they all wanted to create a trauma-informed classroom and the progress and challenges they saw along the way. The findings offer next steps for researchers to embark to create trauma-informed classrooms in higher educational settings, including professional development on trauma informed community college classrooms, curriculum redesign, evaluation focused on student inclusion, and ongoing assessment.