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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


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Leadership Studies


Catholic Educational Leadership EdD

First Advisor

Jane Bleasdale

Second Advisor

Michael Duffy

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Kevin Oh


The documents and rhetoric of Jesuit Catholic education speak frequently of care for the individual (cura personalis) and caring for those most in need. Frequently, however, students with learning disabilities are admitted to Jesuit Catholic schools without any consideration as to whether the school can address a student’s individual learning needs. This study examined one particular program at one particular school – Rodriguez Learning Services at Manresa Prep -- that attempts to offer accommodations to students with learning disabilities. Through interviews and observations over a six-week period with students, faculty, staff, administration, and alumni, the study sought to identify whether inclusive services were being offered to the students in Rodriguez Learning Services, and what connection those services had to the mission of Jesuit Catholic education. Data revealed that students did indeed receive an inclusive Jesuit Catholic education with accommodations appropriate to their learning needs. Additionally, staff members, alumni, and current students clearly articulated the connection between the work of Rodriguez Learning Services and the mission of Manresa Prep as a Jesuit Catholic School. All constituent groups acknowledge the need for greater trust and collaboration between classroom teachers and learning specialists. The lack of clear communication leads to an erosion of trust between learning specialists classroom teachers, which affects the experience of students in Rodriguez Learning Services.