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Restricted Dissertation - USF access only

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


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Leadership Studies


Organization & Leadership EdD

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Patricia Mitchell

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Walter Gmelch

Third Advisor

Richard Johnson III


The talents needed to communicate with completeness, deliberateness, and authenticity are vital. Organizational storytelling is one of those skills that assist leaders in sharing institutional knowledge, encourages stronger corporate culture acceptance, and supports stronger buy-in from the people they lead. The challenge inside organizations is how to keep employees motivated, how to improve organizational operations, communicate ideal cultural practices, and how to exchange important messages to and from members of the organization. Today more than ever it is challenging to make essential connections at work due to the immense reliance on technological communications. This qualitative study sought to gain an understanding of the connection between organizational change and leadership storytelling through phenomenological inquiry. Those who manage organizations are storytellers who must determine which story they must tell to change a certain outcome. This study examined the way narrative practices or storytelling impacted behavior for a select number of working professionals. The interviewees revealed that efficacy exists in the workplace and how it is used in real-world situations. Several prime examples were highlighted in this study to help show that complete organizational communication, by way of storytelling, occurs through effectively connecting a person to the content that is communicated. The research was conducted using a phenomenological approach and relied on the qualitative attributes of the data. A select number of professionals were chosen who managed people from small- to large-sized organizations. The study‘s findings identified leaders connect their messaging to the members in their organizations using storytelling methodology.

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