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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


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International and Multicultural Education


International & Multicultural Education EdD

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Monisha Bajaj

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Patrick Camangian

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Paul Intrevado


The three studies that comprise this dissertation were designed to assess how a specific implementation of service-learning in an organizational behavior survey class affected the ways undergraduate business students understood and applied a range of organizational behavior concepts. The research further examined how these participants subsequently perceived themselves at the start and end of a semester as capable individuals, team, and community members. Finally, the dissertation detailed the benefits one community organization received as a result of engaging in a process of mutual learning, research, and instruction.

Respondent surveys and written artifacts were analyzed as a means of addressing the learner-related questions. A participatory action research effort was used to gauge community partner residual service-learning outcomes. Results revealed that the subject learners demonstrated increased organizational behavior knowledge as well as enhanced self-efficacy and confidence after engaging in service-learning, although they did not report consistent gains in their self-determination capacity. The subject community partner obtained increased research capabilities, although these benefits were not sustained over time. Despite the somewhat exploratory nature of this project, it does appear that, as the literature suggests, course-based community-engaged instruction, followed by concrete experimentation and directed reflection, bounded by course content, provides a framework for deeper student learning and synthesis. Concurrently, the dissertation results indicate the concrete benefits a partner organization receives when they enter into a service-learning effort can only be sustained in particular types of community agencies.

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