Date of Graduation


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Doctor of Education (Ed.D.)


School of Education


Leadership Studies


Catholic Educational Leadership EdD

First Advisor

Michael Duffy

Second Advisor

Jane Bleasdale

Third Advisor

Ursula Aldana


Jesuit education has long focused on developing leaders of conscience, competence, and compassion. There is a gap in the literature examining if aspects of the Jesuit charism influence moral development. The Ignatian Identity Survey (IGNIS), and the Defining Issues Test – 2 (DIT-2), were administered to seniors at an all-male Jesuit high school. The IGNIS was used to explore students’ perceptions of five aspects of the Jesuit charism: 1) Openness to growth and educational excellence (OGEE), 2) Religious education and formation (REF), 3) Collaboration (COL), 4) Faith and justice (F&J), and 5) Active Reflection (AR). The DIT-2 was used to determine students’ moral development and the ways in which they made moral decisions. SPSS was used to statistically determine if correlations between students’ perceptions and their moral development existed. This study found that students generally perceive OGEE, F&J, and AR as being present in campus life, while REF and COL were less perceived. It also found that the participants were highly developed morally, comparing favorably to students in graduate school. Additionally, two aspects of the Jesuit charism, REF and AR, had weak positive correlations with students’ moral development, while the other three aspects had no correlation to moral development.