Davies Forum Presents John Hobson: Multicultural Origins of the Global Economy

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Spring 3-1-2021


In the second webinar for the Spring 2021 Davies Forum, Making Sense of a Post-Western World: Interdisciplinary Tools, Global Perspectives, John Hobson discusses his new book that takes on two Western-centric narratives of the rise of the global economy (c.1500–1900): the Eurocentric and the critical ‘Eurofetishist’, which exaggerate the role of the West in the creation of globalization and the global economy. Bringing in non-Western agency and processes, Hobson focuses on the ‘Afro-Indian pivot’ of the first global economy and Indian structural power which, Hobson argues, organized the first (historical capitalist) global economy within which Africans, West/Southeast/Central/East Asians and Europeans operated (c.1500-c.1850). These events played a vital role in driving later British industrialization which culminated in the second ‘modern capitalist’ global economy after c.1850. Faculty: Nora Fisher Onar, International Studies.


Audio transcript and event poster included.

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