Learning LSI Means Doing LSI: Reflections on Technology Use in Two Language and Social Interaction Courses

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This article reflects on the role of technology in teaching two LSI research methods courses with a focus on ethnography of communication and discourse analysis, respectively. Presented as case studies, we describe two LSI scholars’ experiences and explain our choices in using technology to teach these two undergraduate LSI courses. We describe how technology is used at four key points throughout the research process: capturing communicative practices, preserving them, documenting them through analysis and finally presenting the results. Throughout this process, we show how the use of technology facilitates both the teaching and learning experience. The use of technology enables students to see and to hear communication as situated and contextualized. Finally, we argue that the communication studies curriculum overall is enriched because students must confront their own preconceptions of the process of communication by comi ng to terms with naturally occurring interaction.