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Photoelectron (PE) spectra of ClH−2 and ClD−2 were measured at 299 nm (4.154 eV). Photodetachment of these anions accesses the prereactive van der Waals well on the ground stateCl+H2potential energy surface, as well as the low-lying spin–orbit excited states resulting from the interaction of Cl and Cl* with H2. The PE spectra are dominated by two relatively narrow peaks corresponding to transitions to the neutral Cl⋅H2 and Cl*⋅H2 complexes. The energetics and widths of these features are interpreted in terms of the properties of the anion and neutral potential energy surfaces.


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The following article appeared in Ferguson, Michael J. and Meloni, Giovanni and Gomez, Harry and Neumark, Daniel M. Photoelectron spectroscopy of ClH2 - and ClD2 -: A probe of the Cl+H2 van der Waals well and spin-orbit excited states. Chemical Physics, 117, 8181-8184 (2002) and may be found at



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