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The equilibria involving the gaseous species SnBi, SnBi2, and SnBi3 above the condensed system Bi–Sn contained in a graphite cell have been investigated by the Knudsen effusion technique combined with mass spectrometry. Third law enthalpies for the reactionsSnBin(g)=Sn(cond)+nBi(g), n=1–3, were evaluated. By combining the experimental reactionenthalpies with the appropriate thermodynamic data taken from literature, the following atomization energies, ΔaHo0, and enthalpies of formation,ΔfHo298.15, in kJ mol−1, have been derived: SnBi, 191.1±12.0 and 317.5±12.0; SnBi2, 415.2±15.0 and 303.0±15.0; SnBi3, 603.4±18.0 and 323.0±18.0.


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The following article appeared in Meloni, G. and Gingerich, K. A., Atomization energies and enthalpies of formation of the SnBin (n=1–3) gaseous molecules by Knudsen cell mass spectrometry. The Journal of Chemical Physics, 116, 6957-6960 (2002) and may be found at



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